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Between 1552 and 1716, Timişoara was the seat of the Turkish Paschalik. Only few traces of this Turkish period can still be seen today. One of them is the depiction of Prince Eugene of Savoy conquering the Turkish fort which is displayed on the old town hall on Piaţa Libertăţii (Liberty Square, formerly called Place-d’Armes). On the right side of the main building, a Turkish inscription can be read and from time to time, excavation works on Turkish cemeteries reveal Ottoman tombs. Furthermore, the oriental name of one of Timişoara’s districts – Mehala – goes back to the Ottomans.

The Habsburgs ruled Timişoara for more than 200 years and changed the city fundamentally. They made the city more urban and built new houses and magnificent buildings. The former town hall lies opposite a column dedicated to Mary, John of Nepomuk and the plague. It is from 1756 and its pedestal shows the history of Timişoara’s patron Saint, Nepomuk. Today, Saint George is the patron saint of Banat for all Christian communities.

Figurines on the 1756 column.